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Get the support & direction you need to lose your menopause belly
Nothing gets faster results than a plan customized for YOU…. and a coach to support you along the way! Most ladies just need a little guidance to get them moving in the right direction…
Louise Mcdonald

Do you need rapid fat loss and sexy muscle tone but find the whole process overwhelming to do on your own? Get a professional to customize the perfect diet and routine based specifically on your personal needs! To get maximum results fast you need exercises designed specifically for a woman’s body and hormonal balance.


Most women quit because they get discouraged and don’t have anyone there for support and guidance. When you get a custom plan, not only does your coach build you the perfect plan, they are also there to be super supportive and keep you motivated! They will also answer any question and tweak your plan if you hit a plateau so you get maximum results fast.


I build you a workout plan based on where you feel most comfortable and your skill level. I know if you have to workout for hours at the gym you’ll burn out and quit. The truth is a woman’s body needs no more than 30 minute workout sessions max. I keep them fun, intense, but short so you can squeeze them into your busy day and they are fun so you look forward to your workouts!


Fill in this questionnaire and we will discuss your personalized action plan…

Please wait after pressing the button, as you will be taken to a booking page to schedule your call…


No, this consultation is absolutely free with no obligation to purchase any products. The purpose of this call is for me to get a better understanding of you and to see if working together would be in your best interest!

Yes, it would be a great idea to write down some questions you would like me to answer and any pain points that you think I should be aware of to see if we would be a good fit for eachother!

Female Fitness Expert; Debbie Bertie, will develop and tailor a personal plan that is made specifically for you and your bodies needs. This will help you to see fast and effective results while maintaining a healthy hormonal balance; allowing you to burn away stubborn and unwanted fat.

Usually 30-60 minutes; depending on your questions and concerns. My goal for the call is to help you identify your obstacles and provide you with a solid foundation to overcome them. Ensuring you have all your questions answered.

If your application for my coaching program is denied there is a good reason for it. Unfortunately, my coaching style and hormone specific methods are not for everyone. So, if I think that we would NOT make a good fit for each other than I have to be honest and deny the application.

Physique Forty+ offers cross platform Online Fitness Coaching for all devices.