The Hidden DANGER of Low Carb Diets!

Low carb diets are good for losing weight, but we don’t know the long term impacts it could have on our health and longevity. Arguably, these types of diets help people lose weight quickly, but on the other hand approximately 50% of people who go on this type of diet end up quitting because it’s too difficult to adhere to. More than 3,500 studies have been done, revealing that low carb diets have reportedly been linked to: decrease bone density, loss of kidney function (in those already suffering from some type of impaired kidney function), as well as kidney stones, constipation, and lack of proper nutrient intake. A study from Duke University compared people on a low and high carb diet demonstrating that people on low carb diets suffered a higher incidence of constipation (33% more), headaches, (20% more), bad breath (30%), muscle cramps (28% more), diarrhea (17% more), general weakness (17% more) and skin rashes (13% more).

People lose weight on low-carb diets mainly because they take in fewer calories than they use on a daily basis. Low carb intake also depletes glycogen stores from muscle tissue and the liver, which causes considerable water loss. Presenting the real reason why most women lose weight so quickly. Unfortunately, when you lose weight through diet alone and no exercise, you lose nearly as much muscle tissue as you do body fat.

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Doing moderate/high intensity exercises on a low-carb diet is difficult, this is due to your body using carbohydrates as a primary fuel source. Exercise increases muscle mass and in return muscle burns more calories, making it easier to lose and maintain weight loss. Having more muscle will give you a toned, sexy, healthy looking physique.

Limiting your complex carbohydrate intake (fruits and vegetables) may have a long term effect on your health due to the fact you are enabling deficiencies in vitamins that your body needs to function properly. Scientist from Harvard University conducted a study which revealed women with diets high in vegetables, fruit, fish, and dairy products lived longer than those who did not eat a diet high in complex carbohydrates. It’s the simple carbohydrates you want to stay clear of, the intake of simple carbohydrates should be radically minimized. Simple carbohydrates are sugar, flour, white bread and anything food that is processed: chips, cheezies, lunch meats, etc… The nutrients in vegetables and fruits fight free radicals and ward off heart disease, cancer, diabetes and signs of aging. The important thing is to eat a healthy, balance diet, exercise regularly, avoid saturated fats, trans fats, and sugar.

Here are some tips to follow that will help transform your diet to a healthier alternative:
1 – Drink plenty of water (filtered). Add a whole lemon to a glass of water first thing in the morning, this allows your body to get into an alkaline state, balancing your PH level.
2 – Eat healthy fats. Avoid processed meats and cheeses. Eat wild fish high in omega 3 fatty acid. Use coconut oil, almond oil or olive oil. Eat nuts and seeds, especially pumpkin seeds, walnuts and almonds.
3 – Eat your fruits and vegetables daily. If you’re not eating 1 – 2 pounds of vegetables a day, you may not be getting in all the vitamins and nutrients your body needs. Add more alkaline foods to your diet (leafy green vegetables: spinach, chard, beet greens, etc.., green vegetables: green peppers, asparagus, cucumber, celery, parsley, cilantro, and almost all fruit).
4 – Exercise at least 5 days a week for 30 minutes. Add weight training, to help prevent or suppress bone loss if your over the age of 40. The important thing is to eat a healthy, well balanced diet, exercise regularly, avoid saturated fats, trans fats, and sugar. Don’t beat yourself up if you go off the plan once in awhile. Just get back on track as soon as possible.



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