Q: How is this different than the other detox programs out there?

The problem with 99% of the traditional detox programs out there is they do NOT address your bad “Belly Bacteria” and how it controls your weight loss…

And NONE of them detox your belly at a deep enough level which makes losing weight and burning fat virtually impossible…

Which is why so many of us fail on typical diets and workout programs because they never address what your body is going through on the cellular level.



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My name is Debbie Bertie, leading fat-loss specialist for women over 40. As a 57-year-old, single mom with two kids and a demanding career, I understand the struggle of maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. Which is why I have developed simple, easy-to-follow workout plans and nutritional guides to help you get into shape and shed away stubborn body-fat with minimal effort.

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